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James Clark Ross

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Southampton, researching the role of ‘grounding’ in explanation.
I am also the founder of The Human Front, a philosophy website covering topics in art, existentialism, film, metaphysics, science, and society.
And I am a
nuclear medicine physicist for the National Health Service (NHS).

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‘Grounding and Causation’ (current work)

‘Unifying Scientific Explanation With Metaphysical Grounding’ (research proposal)

‘Top-Down Causation in the Animal Kingdom’ (dissertation)

‘How should we understand the loss of freedom that occurs when people internalise oppressive norms?’

‘Is morality constitutive of rational human agency?’

‘In what way, if any, should the revelation that morality has evolved threaten our commitment to its demands?’

‘Is there a defensible libertarian account of moral responsibility?’